eShare uses state-of-the-art systems and services to provide the highest level of online cloud security. We utilize redundant servers, back up data and offer 24x7 monitoring of valuable project information. Our network is colocated at one of the world's premier enterprise-class hosting providers and utilizes a secured file transfer to keep data safe and secure whenever uploading, downloading or simply eSharing across your entire project team.

eShare is customer-inspired. Unlike traditional FTP sites or online file sharing services, eShare is designed and developed specifically for the Construction Industry. By focusing on the details that help YOU improve your project delivery processes, we have built a simple, easy and secured solution that allows you to quickly Upload, Organize, Share and Track your construction information across all project team members.

The construction industry is facing new challenges every day. Whether it's implementing a new project delivery process, struggling with tight deadlines and complicated project deliverables or simply trying to do the same amount of work with fewer resources, eShare can help. eShare helps easily and securely share project information, streamline processes and bring projects in on time and within budget.